Bytehead's Disclaimer

#1 rule. This site is my site.

My writings are copyright © by me, Bryan Price. User comments are copyright the respective user. Respective user grants me the right to archive and display their comments on my site. If user wants their comment removed, please email with the details. E-mail's should match, i.e., if you don't enter an e-mail on the comment form or it isn't valid, I can't take a request to delete it.

I reserve the right to remove comments from me or anybody else for any reason.

Removal of comments will be done on any kind of spam commenting, or nonsensical commenting. Comments may also be lost due to machine malfunction, although I will be striving to keep a current backfile on my home machine.

If you have any questions, please see the #1 rule above.

And now the more serious part of the disclaimer.

I disclaim everything. Why would I make my disc any laimer? No warranty is expressly or implicitly implied.
Everything I write here may be a lie. Everything I write here may be 100% the truth.
User uses this information/code (source, compiled or en[coded])/programs/data/thoughts/lunatic ravings for their own purposes and assumes all risks.
If unfortunately correct thoughts zip through your brain changing your reality or your perception of reality, Bytehead and take absolutely no responsibility for it. Or I'll take every bit of responsibility for it.
Keep all hands, arms, legs, feet and other limbs and appendages (yes, that appendage! The one 1 out of every 2 emails tell me mine isn't big enough!) inside the ride at all times while the ride is in motion.
Your mileage may vary (YMMV).
User is responsible for all navigation. Broken links are up to the user to fix ( Google is your friend).
HAND (Have A Nice Day!)


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