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Sunday, January 24

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I use Blogger, and I use FTP publishing. Blogger will stop FTP publishing March 26, 2010. My choices are to either rejigger this blog to a custom domain (It would have been blog.bytehead.org, not happening since Google doesn't support PHP), move to Blog*Spot (Ain't happenin') or setup a different blogging platform elsewhere.

I will be backing up this blog (both ways, as the entire HTML and as an XML file), moving my hosting, and choosing another platform, most likely Wordpress, since that seems to be pretty common. I will most likely move the blog to blog.bytehead.org in any case. And I'll put up something in the header when I'm done and have it working (why I'm planning on backing up the HTML, I'll probably keep www.bytehead.org/blog/ as an archive, and go on with the new platform at blog.bytehead.org. I have a Wordpress account at bytehead.wordpress.org, but naturally I want my own URL.

The linkblog will be moved as well. I *was* working on a way to get all my Delicious items into Blogger. Now I need to figure out how to do it in Wordpress. Good thing I didn't get that finished, it'd be worthless now.

Shout outs go to David as my old hostmaster and putting up with the hacks that have gone against my site, my wife for supporting me, and Blogger for putting up with me so long.

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