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Tuesday, August 31

Plastic: Retire Your Retirement Plans?  

Plastic: Retire Your Retirement Plans?

The above article makes a very valid point.

We have Greenespan now yelling about how Social Security is going to have to really trim it's benefits if it is to survive.

We have some pension plans who are currently severely underfunded, with more joining them everyday. My pension plan is independant, so I'm not worried about it going bankrupt. I would like to have another 10 years, if not 20 years in the plan though. The_Rose's pension plan is also independant. Plus she has 24 years in.

403(k)s/403(b)s/IRAs and such aren't doing real well either.

I guess we just keep working until we die.

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Thursday, August 26


I've decided to continue blogging. I have a good 128 meg of memory on my computer now, but it still randomly locks up. Time for a new computer, when I can afford it.

Today, I'm ranting. I'm not linking to anything either. Too damn lazy today.

The Swift Boat Veterans Against Kerry, or whatever the hell they're called.

You are God Damned liars!

I've heard all about this medal and that medal, and how he couldn't possibly be where he was at. Time this week debunks everything about the medals. The point about where he was at at what time, I really can't give a shit. Meanwhile, after four years, we still can't seem to have located all the documents that would indicate Shrub didn't go AWOL. For Christ's sake, at least Kerry served in Viet Nam, and didn't do rich boy service in the Air National Guard. Of course, what the hell does this have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing, but the Shrub supporters do seem to love to talk about it.

The Laci Peterson murder trial. What is up with that? Amber Frey is the prosecution's star witness, but what the hell did she have to do with the murder? Did she witness it? No. Did she help in any way? No. Did she even know Laci? No. She was Scott's lover. An obviously easy flooze, who decided to work with the cops to try to catch (entrap?) Scott to confess about murdering Laci? All this testimony might prove that Scott is a liar, maybe even a great liar, but are all liars murderers? The prosecution can't even tell anybody how Laci was murdered. This case has had way to much exposure from the get-go. Gee, it's another woman that's been either kidnapped or murdered! I guess if you are blond and beautiful, you can get national attention, but if you're not at least caucasian and beautiful, forget getting that kind of exposure, you might get regional or state wide exposure. This case has been extremely poorly thought out. I predict that Scott will either be found not guilty (reasonable doubt being the keyword there), or no worse than having a hung jury, possibly split by gender. Guilty just isn't in the cards, even if he is.

The Kobe Bryant rape case. Another botched case, both by the judge, and by the prosecution. The victiim is now going to be suing in a civilian trial, and has threatened to not testify at the criminal trial. I predict another not guilty here as well. Again, too much press exposure, this time because the accused is famous.

I think that it's past time that we started to talk and think about changes in the judicial system. I really don't give a rats ass about the 1st Amendment when it comes to stuff like this. Keeping both the accused and the accuser secret, or at least from publication before and while the trial is going on should take precedence. There's too much trial by media. Witness the Michael Jackson case. There again, I predict a not guilty verdict, but the reality is so warped in that case, it's a very fractured and fractaled crystal ball I'm looking at for that assessment. Once the case is over, that's when the news can report everything. And I do mean everything. Trials should be videotaped and made available for anybody's use once the trial is over. These recordings could not be used as evidence in another court of law. Subtle editing of said works could really warp the context of the taping.

That does it. For now. I'm sure I'll have more later. I may even send some new links up to my link blog. As soon as I figure out which ones need to be sent first. I've got too many lined up to be just sent in one batch.

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The Big Squeeze  

The Big Squeeze

David J. Sirota has things nailed. This is why I fear a Shrub repeat. Go read the whole thing.

Health insurance—I've seen this creeping up on me, and this was when I was a bachelor just trying to get myself taken care of. My insurance payments would double, meanwhile my out of pocket expenses doubled (and more) from increases of co-payments. Things have pretty much followed the same with The_Roses's insurance.

Prescription drugs—Again, something that I've become accutely aware of in the past 5 years. My drugs are very expensive. Ridiculously so, actually. Everything I take is now generic (it didn't used to be), and my monthly drug bill without insurance would have been over $400. Per month. Now that I've got generics for that, It's probably down considerably. I don't know if I could still afford it without insurance though.

Energy—That's something that hasn't been too bad for us, although living in Florida, we go through the electricity. But as far as cars go, we're not driving, so we're not getting hit over the head with that. Yet.

Wages—I guess you have to get a job first. And the positions that I'm seeing (applying for, but not getting any response, but that's another entry sometime…) aren't paying squat, certainly not here in Florida. I'm seeing a little better in Ohio, but that has it's own issues there.

Taxes—Again, you have to have a job. The check we got last year for 4 kids was nice. And we barely got a tax refund this year, so those people talking about the nice big refund checks everyone should be expecting were actually full of shit.

I like this quote:
But what is happening in this country is no laughing matter. Average Americans are being screwed as never before, and our government is helping those turning the screwdriver. The result is that George W. Bush has become not just a “war president” on foreign policy but also on domestic policy. Only here at home, he is waging a war on the middle class, and the results have been downright devastating.
He wraps it up nicely.

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Monday, August 16

Atlas OnePoint: Spammers (Jeremy Zawodny's blog)  

Atlas OnePoint: Spammers (Jeremy Zawodny's blog):
Or convincing as many of my crazy blogger friends as possible to link to my story. Wouldn't it be fun to have this on the first page of search results as your own company web site?
Nothing like taking a meme and trying to make it a #1 search on Google.

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A fix for Tab Browser Extensions and Bloglines  

From: : Talk back (bbbook commenting system):
Hooray! A solution from Mark Fletcher:
“We've found a work around for the tabbed browser extension problem:

1. Locate the file 'pref.js' under profile directory
2. Edit pref.js, add this line:
user_pref("docshell.frameloadcheck.disabled" , true );

Finally, a fix for TBE and Bloglines. Using folders mitigated 98% of the problem, but that 2% left was a bitch!

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Tuesday, August 10

Quick update…  

2nd attempt—

Computer hardware problems are clobbering me. All 3 (three!?) of my memory sticks have gone bad. I'm running on one that's not usually bad, but goes bad every so often, causing lockups.

I'm adding a link and or button to edit my blog while looking at it. Saw this on another blog, and I figure it beats trying to go through Blogger and load two pages that I don't need to load. Plus, I'll be able to middle click (or make it open in a new window/tab) which I can't do with Blogger.

BTW, on my first round of this, the machine locked up. Sigh.

Update (8/10/2004 5:07PM): I've pulled the old RAM out and am running with just 128Meg. Hopefully, more stable.

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Sunday, August 1

Shit really happens  

I've found what seems to be the root cause of my problems.

Bad memory. I might have one good stick out of 3. Maybe. I just ordered 2 sticks at ridiculous prices, since the new generics won't work (they won't work with older mother boards, so who the fuck is buying PC100 memory for new motherboards?) Sheesh!


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Shit happens...  

My video card went out sometime Thursday night. Got a new card, put it in Friday night.

Today, I get a blue screen about a registry error. Half my registry seems to be gone. No printers installed, programs dying left and right. Copy all the crap I think I need off to another drive, reformat, reinstall. I may still have issues.

The machine tends to lock up the desktop. Card problem? Possibly. Every now and then, the screen goes blank, like something bad happened, and then it comes back fine. Card problem?

Now, I'm missing my 6 megabyte font files for unicode. Was. Fixed it now. Sheesh.

Installed the latest and greatest software for my keyboard and mouse. They changed the default for the scroll wheel click, so I had to figure that out to work with Mozilla (Autoscroll fixed that). My mute and volume keys still don't work, so evidently they are bad. Maybe time to open the keyboard up and see what's going on.

At any rate, I've been wasting too much time to get this damn thing running. Again. And I'm not even sure that the corruption problem is solved. It could be the damn CPU overheating. It could be a bad piece of memory.

Maybe it's time to run memtest86 for 24 hours to see if anything shows up.

If I had any kind of money, I'd be getting a new system. Period. Sigh.

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